Month: October 2021

Contra Account Accounting Definition + Journal Entry Examples

Many investors like to hold gold as it is viewed as an outperformer during tough times for the stock market. A contra market is a description of an asset or investment that moves against the trend of the broad market. Contra (or contrarian) market securities and sectors tend to have a negative correlation, or weak correlation, with…

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The best childcare management software to bring families closer I Famly

Doing so can ensure they’re organized from the start and set up for success. Signing in and out is easy and keeping in touch throughout the day is wonderful! “Incessant and time consuming paperwork and record keeping are dramatically and easily reduced. The result is an authentic assessment, written in daycare accounting language everyone involved…

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The key role of mobile attribution to make the most of your marketing campaigns

The full visibility you get with attribution shows you the complete user funnel, from impressions and clicks to installs, in-app events, LTV, and ROAS (with cost data from integrated partners). This would depend on their level of integration with media companies (particularly the big ones). When you run non-organic campaigns — looking for users who…

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